Learning section

info-game and competence map on music

Academic literature abounds with positive statements regarding the efficacy of music as a vehicle for first and second language learning. These aspects constitute the scientific basis of the project, providing social workers and all those interested in the subject with informative materials presented in a different shape from typical manuals with theoretical background. A quite creative and innovative transfer of knowledge is POMELO online ‘information game’ which aim to be interactive and contain the essential results of the research on the effects of singing in group dynamics and on music used in second language learning. The Output also includes a section dedicated to the definition and description of competences that derive from practicing singing in second language learning and music as enhancer of social inclusion.

training pack for social and youth workers

The main aim of the Training Pack is to produce, develop, evaluate and implement a complete Educational Pack for the first target group – volunteers, youth workers, youth organisations and social workers – for the purpose of teaching foreign language through cultural exchange using music as an educational tool. By using this tool, the first target group will be able to foster the social inclusion between migrant and local young people. The Educational Pack consists of a methodology on intercultural groups education in the field of language learning through music. The Pack aim is to equip volunteers, youth workers, youth organisations and social workers with knowledge and tools necessary to:

  • Conduct intercultural groups of migrant and local young people: how to integrate two cultural groups, how to establish proper and effective communication between the groups, how to manage potential risks and crises;
  • Prepare and conduct engaging classes based on music component as an education tool from the bilateral point of view: both local and migrant young people perspective needs to be taken into consideration at every step: preparation, materials selection, while conducting the groups, preparation of songs recording and its distribution.
  • Produce a valid material of the groups outcomes: intercultural songs created as a result of the work between the group of local young people and the group of migrants. The Educational Pack provides volunteers, youth workers, youth organisations and social workers with information and examples on how to choose the proper recording tool, it provides guidelines on the usage of each tool and give instructions on how to utilize recorded material in order to disseminate the idea on a large scale – regional and national level.

training kit for local and migrant young people

This Training Kit will aim to design, develop and produce the Educational tools dedicated to young people for the purpose of the foreign language classes with emphasis on intercultural exchange between the two groups: migrants and locals through music, including all the necessary materials required for the effective and purposeful completion of the project foundation, as follows: all essential instructions, step-by-step guides, templates, tips etc. The objective of the Training Kit is to design and develop the content for the educational methods of acquiring new language knowledge through music with the emphasis on the cultural component, by providing the migrants and locals with the answer to the basic question on how to work with language through music. The main idea is to present a new approach in language learning and cultural exchange, and the mandatory requirement for this idea is to ensure that all the products are user friendly, interesting, innovative and enjoyable. We want the young people not only to gain extra motivation for language learning, but also to equip them with more cultural awareness. By completing the task successfully we want them to feel more self-confident and appreciate the goods of foreign cultural input to the local society.

multimedia replicability guide

The Multimedia Replicability Guide (MRG) is a procedural document containing a detailed summary of the project that includes the initial methodologies and pedagogy and how the ideas have been adapted during the course of the project to improve results and effectiveness. The MRG has a double use: 1) procedural Manual for replicability of the project’s results. It can be considered a sort of “tutorial” on the use of the previous project’s outputs; 2) Guide to validate and certificate the competences of any educator making use of the methodologies and tools developed within the project. The MRG is based on the EQF (European Qualifications Framework), and within this framework it creates a scheme for the validation of competencies.