POMELO online training: learning how to turn music in a source for integration

With the purpose of presenting, testing and assessing the results achieved from the 23 to the 27 of November 2020 took place the online training organized and hosted by POMELO.

18 instructors, volunteers, youth workers, youth organizations staff and social workers of different nationalities had the chance to know the partners of the project and the resources created in these 2 years.

Due to the health emergency, learning activities were carried out remotely and required the use of formal and non-formal teaching methods, as well as the use of online tools.

More in details, the activities were organized as follows:

– the first day focused on the registration and preparation of the participants,

– in the following three days, project partners conducted seminars about the theoretical and practical implementation of the 3 Intellectual Outputs (Info-game and Competence Map; Training Pack For Social and Youth Workers; Training Kit For Local and Migrant Young People and Local Youth);

– on the last day, the course ended with evaluations, in which participants indicated the level of agreement based on their experience of the seminar and with the sharing of the Curriculum specifying the skills they acquired based on the EQF framework.

Music, lyrics, visual stimulations, PPT presentations, unconventional learning techniques and a multicultural environment were the methodologies and tools used during the online training.

Youthpass was issued to all participants to document and recognize learning outcomes from the Seminar.

Although it was not possible to meet in person, the training ended successfully and brought enjoyment and enthusiasm in such uncertain times.